Join the Whitelist!

Once you own 1 of the 10,000 Gold Silver Pirates, you’re a part of our gold-loving crew. That also means that you have to access our future adventures with Gold Silver Standard. More gold and silver is coming, and by securing a Gold Silver Pirate NFT you get a key to our future treasure chest of Gold Silver Standard projects.

1 Gold Silver Pirates NFT = 1 opportunity on the whitelist for future NFT drops.

Buying a Gold Silver Pirate gives you the opportunity to join the whitelist for our future drops and projects. Our plan increases the number of projects under the Gold Silver Standard NFTs brand. We can additionally provide the Gold Silver Standard NFT solution to other brands wanting to enter the NFT market with as little risk as possible. A Gold Silver Pirate is your opportunity to have a ticket into the whitelist for future projects that Gold and Silver Standard supports and curates. That brings Gold Silver Pirate holders real direct financial value! It’s an incentive structure that drives traction of Gold Silver Pirates and also keeps our community close.

Get in on the ground floor – get a Gold Silver Pirate!