Build Your Map, Boost Your Whitelist Claim!

The Gold Silver Pirates already have value and collectability attributes. Let’s add gamifying and utility to the equation. Want to boost how many Gold Silver Pirates you have the potential to secure in future drops? Well, you’re going to need to collect all pieces of the pirate map – just like a real pirate.

In the background of each NFT, there is 1/6 parts of the FULL background map. Collect 6 pirates all with different parts of the map to gain extra whitelist opportunities.

Here’s how it works.

There are 6 different backgrounds that all link up together (to make a full map) There are 4 colours – randomised (red, green, blue and yellow).

If you have a set of 6 maps that make up the full map, you boost your whitelisting potential (2x)

If you have a set of 6 maps all of the same colour then you supercharge your whitelisting potential (3x)

When you own a full background map, you can access the exclusive Gold Club on our Discord. The Gold Club is a premium experience where the community can meet the team and discuss upcoming Gold Silver Standard projects, among other things.

Buying a Gold Silver Pirate gives you the opportunity to join the whitelist for our future drops and projects. If you want to participate in our whitelist, get yourself a Gold Silver Pirate. If you want more spots, collect a set to make a full background map!