Gold Silver Pirates will be available for you to purchase on decentralised NFT marketplaces. Below are the marketplaces where our collections are listed:

Upon minting the Gold Silver Pirate NFTs, AUS and AGS tokens are moved into a cold ERC-20 wallet and secured in a world-class vault facility. By interrogating the blockchain, you can assess that the amount of AUS and AGS tokens match the amount of gold and silver attributes for all 10,000 Gold Silver Pirates.

Gold Silver Pirates are the first example of our overarching concept for Gold and Silver Standard movement. Not only does the vision of The Gold and Silver Standard impact multiple industries, but it finds the solutions to problems both in the real world and in the digital world. The Gold and Silver Standard tokens should be a no-brainer for future NFT projects, as it guarantees the bridge of value between two worlds.

Each Gold Silver Pirate is backed by real physical gold and silver bullion. For more information, read here

The solution to this problem lies in the way that we have set up The Gold and Silver Standard company and tokens. To read about this, read here.

Just like all NFT projects, we do have what’s called a ‘Creator Fee’. All the bullion is already in our possession and secured safely at the Reserve Vault. This means that we have been able to keep the Creator Fee extremely low (especially compared to other NFT projects – who also don’t have the same ongoing costs as us). Our Creator Fee is set at 3.5%.

The first drop will be on the 20th of April. There will be 10 drops in total, with each drop schedules for 7 days after the previous is sold out.

Once you own 1 of the 10,000 Pirates, you’re a part of our gold-loving crew. To read about our whitelists, read here.
If you want to boost your whitelist claims, you can build a map. For extra info, check out here.
To read more about our whitelist and Gold Silver Pirate utility, click here.

Customer’s NFTs will have a guaranteed buyback from Ainslie Wealth. To read how this process works, go here.

Anyone can join our Discord to talk with the team! However, hen you own a Gold Silver Pirate full background map, you can access the exclusive Gold Club on our Discord. We want the Gold Club to be a premium experience, starting with a live video chat with Gold Club members.

No we are minting ourselves – just listing on OpenSea. We fully control the contract to maintain full custody of the project and control over the integrity of the NFTs.